Journalist. Poet. Thinker. Questioner.

As digital technology has continued to disrupt the traditional print & tv media, I’ve found it important to provide a central place to connect with a wider audience. Here you will find samples of my work, my video talks, my text blogs, some old and new interviews of well-known personalities. I’ve produced shows for a variety of organizations which I invite you to explore and enjoy below.


About Me


Ujjawal Trivedi - Journalist

Ujjawal Trivedi has been an entertainment journalist since 2000. In his life journey, he has interacted with a lot of people, celebrities, and great personalities from different walks of life. They have shared their stories with him and sometimes he has seen things happening with them. After spending almost 20 years in Journalism and public life he feels there is a need to share whatever he could learn in the last few years.


A few years back he started sharing his 'Khamosh Khayal' and received a lot of affection from friends who are connected with him on social media. The experience of 'Khamosh Khayal' has encouraged him to share more about life.


He loves exploring life by traveling, reading, and watching shows & films. He really enjoys to talk about his life experiences with a spiritual touch. He believes that one on one conversations are really helpful to know about life and grow as a person... So here he is sharing some of his life experiences & views with all of us hoping everyone will enjoy this journey with him.


Khamosh Khayal